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The Human Intelligence Group

HUMINT Group Seal, a blue circle quartered by gold lines with a Sphinx, Globe, Rosetta Stone, Book, and Lightning-Key. Motto: Ad Inquirendum Veritatem.

Human Intelligence - or "HUMINT" (/HYOO - mint/) - is a term of art within the law enforcement and military intelligence communities for relevant information or evidence collected from the words and actions of people. HUMINT collection techniques encompass a number of methodologies, including: interviews and interrogation, document exploitation, surveillance, behavioral analysis, threat assessment, and other techniques for documenting, coding, and assessing discrete behaviors or communications.

The Human Intelligence Group ("HUMINT Group") takes its agents' expertise in the full spectrum of HUMINT techniques and uses that expertise to offer cutting edge training curricula, as well as to provide consulting expertise and expert testimony for a number of domains related to the human intelligence paradigm. This includes particular expertise in active shooter prevention and response, workplace violence prevention, threat assessment, crime prevention, interviews and interrogation, intelligence analysis, and field tactics.

HUMINT Group work product is defined by five characteristics:

  • Explicit reliance on documented facts,
  • Accountability to peer-reviewed research and consensus-based standards;
  • Clarity of presentation;
  • Depth and thoroughness of content; and,
  • Commitment to the highest standards of integrity.

These services are available to a wide range of constituencies, including law enforcement agencies (at every level), public safety departments, military units, other government agencies and contractors, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, healthcare providers, private industry, and private security firms.