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School Safety & Violence Prevention

Smiling children looking out an open window on a school bus.

Despite the headlines, school violence remains a remarkably rare occurrence. Nonetheless, the consequences of school violence can be catastrophic, and it is for this reason that schools - both as a matter of legal mandate and of standard practice - must have effective systems for safety and violence prevention.

At the Human Intelligence Group, we take a holistic approach to school safety that integrates our expertise in threat assessment with our decades of experience in law enforcement training, physical security, patrol practices, crime prevention, and crisis response planing. This allows us to take a multi-layered approach that is tailored to each individual school community.

Our agents are available for a number of services that support school safety and violence prevention, including:

As with everything we do, our recommendations are built from evidence-based practice, consensus-based standards and guidelines, and peer-reviewed research. New research emerges constantly on effective programs for reducing violence without compromising the pedagogical identity of the school environment, and our work is consistently updated to reflect that research.

In addition, we are deeply committed to nurturing communities where students, faculty and staff feel safe, not scared. This means we prioritize accessible training programs and student-centered assessment methodologies that allow students and faculty to actively participate in the process of defining and prioritizing the school's security needs.

If your school is interested in one of the programs listed above, or in a related service that is not listed, please contact us.