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Training - Public Safety Chaplaincy

Smiling firefighters gathered on the back of a fire truck.

One consequence of significant reductions in municipal budgets is that local agencies increasingly have to rely on volunteer chaplains to support their missions. Unfortunately, many of these women and men do not have the interfaith, clinical, and field training expected of a professional chaplain.

The Human Intelligence Group maintains a database of trained chaplains available to support local public safety departments as needed. They can also provide training to law enforcement officers and other first responders. All of our chaplains meet the full requirements for federally-endorsed chaplaincy, including:

  • A Master of Divinity, or equivalent
  • Ordination
  • At least one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education
  • Denominational Endorsement
  • Training for functioning in a Pluralistic Environment

In addition to providing access to trained chaplains, we can also provide training for departmental and volunteer chaplains. If your department has recently switched to a model where you use a number of local clergy as volunteer, on-call chaplains, we can provide instructors to train them in best practices for working as a professional, public safety chaplain.

If your department needs chaplaincy support, please contact us.