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People working in front of large screens and maps at a command center.

Terrorism is the looming menace of the twenty-first century. Unprecedented global stability and international inter-reliance mean that the likelihood of conventional wars between established nations grows more unlikely with each year. As a consequence, rogue or fanatical groups disenfranchised by that stability now act in increasingly aggressive and unconventional ways, sometimes to devastating effect. The threat of terrorism comes not just from organized pseudo-governments abroad, but also from domestic groups and individuals seeking to draw attention or sow chaos to advance their agendas.

All of the services provided by the Human Intelligence Group - intelligence training, crime prevention, threat assessment, security vulnerability assessment, target hardening, and classroom/tactical training - support an underlying mission of anticipating, responding to, and eliminating potential terrorist threats. We can help your agency identify and evaluate likely threats, and then tailor training and program design to address those threats, as well as provide general training that can prepare for the worst category of terrorist threat - the unanticipated one.

Our instructors and agents come from a number of backgrounds, including military intelligence and counter-intelligence, law enforcement, infrastructure protection, education, and related fields. This integrated approach allows us to create comprehensive, evidence-based programs that draw on the widest range of best-practices for your organization. The threat of terrorism can come from any sector, and the only effective strategy is one that leaves no avenue unexamined.