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Training - Intelligence Collection & Analysis

Woman looking at a laptop in front of a glowing map of the world.

The twenty-first century has been appropriately labeled the "Information Age." There is no shortage of information on virtually any person or topic. The problem comes when an organization needs to sift through that data to find the usable information to meet their intelligence priorities. In addition, even refined, usable intelligence is not helpful unless it is reported in a timely and accessible way.

At the Human Intelligence Group we have the expertise to provide targeted training that is tailored to support:

  • Intelligence-Based Policing
  • Counter-Terrorism
  • Threat Assessment
  • Open-Source Intelligence Collection
  • Military Intelligence Missions
  • Crime Incidence Data Analysis
  • Report Generation and Horizontal Analysis

As with all of our training, the Human Intelligence Group is committed to providing intelligence collection training that is evidence-based, and built on current, peer-reviewed research and consensus-based standards and guidelines. For more information, please contact us.