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Man seated in front of a laptop computer.

The highest quality evidence or intelligence is useless if it is not reported in a clear, accessible fashion. One of the key contributions that the Human Intelligence Group has made to the domains in which we work is our ability to create templates for synthesizing large bodies of complex information in ways that are highly functional, easily accessible, and crystal clear.

We offer a number of services around reporting, including:

  • Creating custom report templates for your organization or agency
  • Conducting DocEx or Crime Analysis for your organization, and then creating custom reports based on your intelligence priorities and constituencies
  • Casefile review and management strategies for large criminal or civil casefiles
  • Training your staff on report writing practices.
  • Assisting with document flow and incident report control

As with everything that we do at the Human Intelligence Group, our emphasis is on evidence-based practice, peer-reviewed research, and consensus-based standards and guidelines. Every report we create, every template we design, and every training curriculum we offer is built with that emphasis in mind. As a result, the final work product we create is intended to be as useful in the courtroom as on a supervisor's desk.