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Information for Law Enforcement Agencies

Two uniformed law enforcement officers, one a sergeant, during a briefing.

At the Human Intelligence Group, we are committed to the idea that ongoing training is essential for ensuring the safety, effectiveness, and professionalism of law enforcement officers. All of our instructors are certified as law enforcement instructors in at least one state, and we take pride in offering the highest caliber of classroom, field, and tactical training.

We speak often about "evidence-based policing" and "training to the standard," because our core ethos is that - in every domain of law enforcement - every action taken by a LEO needs to be supported by more than just a claim of "how we've always done things." Every year, new insights and better research emerges to provide guidance on the most effective ways to prevent crime, reduce the impact of crime, lower recidivism rates, build healthier communities, and keep officers safe.

Our instructors are committed to staying at the forefront of peer-reviewed research and consensus-based standards and guidelines, and we offer training in a number of areas, including:

If your agency is looking for related training or services not specifically outlined above, please contact us to discuss what additional options we might have available.