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About Us

Director Joshua Villines making a presentation on school violence.

About Us

The Human Intelligence Group ("The HUMINT Group") is a specialized training, consulting, and intelligence agency focused on the full range of information-gathering procedures under the human intelligence paradigm.

We are staffed by investigative and intelligence professionals who received their training in the law enforcement, military, and private sectors. This combination of backgrounds - and our commitment to collegial, interdisciplinary work - allows us to take a holistic approach to crime & violence prevention, threat assessment, counter-terrorism, intelligence gathering, crime analysis, investigation, and reporting. We recognize that different organizations have different mandates, and we specialize in matching your needs to an expert with the right background to meet them.

We can provide your organization with an appropriately-certified instructor in topics ranging from basic firearms qualification to advanced neurolinguistic interviewing techniques, and from general workplace violence prevention policies to advanced active shooter incident response. We specialize in topics related to "HUMINT:" qualitative and quantitative research, interviews, content analysis, threat assessment and related topics, but our instructors have a variety of expertise, training and certifications across a wide array of related disciplines. We have particular expertise in

Our services are not limited to government, military, law enforcement and private security firms. We also offer training for attorneys, educators, and other professions as well. If your job requires that you interact with other people and understand them well, we can help you do your job better.

Our Mission and Mandate

The Human Intelligence Group has two guiding goals: find the truth and keep people safe. We exist to seek out and report accurate, verifiable, unbiased facts; to do so in a way that exceeds the highest professional standards; and to provide training to other agencies to enable them to do the same. Inherent in the unique nature of our mission is the obligation to work for safer communities, locally and globally, and to do so in a way that always sustains our core ethos of doing the right thing.

Our Values

  • Integrity - The content of our work is not dictated by the desires of our clients. We deal only with facts, with precision and without omission.
  • Professionalism - Our training curricula and our work product reflect the highest standards according to published standards and guidelines.
  • Altruism - Doing the right thing is an end unto itself, and is the guiding principle of our agency's policies and behaviors.
  • Creativity - Part of our unique contribution to the prevention of crime and violence is our openness to innovative methodologies.
  • Excellence - In every aspect of our work, our goal is to exceed expectations and set the bar for quality and competence.

Our Team

To maintain operational security, biographies of individual instructors and agents are not maintained on the website, but will be made available to your agency upon request. The public face of our agency is our Executive Director, and his biography can be found here.