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Crime Prevention

Person offering a crime prevention presentation to a group of students.

Historically, the emphasis on criminal justice research and law enforcement resource allocation was on how to effectively respond to criminal acts. Over the past forty years, however, research and practice have demonstrated that an investment of time and energy into preventing crime can reap enormous rewards.

Our certified crime prevention professionals are available to train your officers, staff members, neighbors, or students in a wide variety of crime prevention approaches. Our seminars, training, and other programs can be tailored to the needs of law enforcement professionals or to neighborhood associations, college students, or any group looking for strategies to increase community involvement and reduce crime. We can also provide workplace violence prevention training consistent with OSHA guidelines, as well as security or threat vulnerability assessments, and support for ongoing threat assessment programs.

At the HUMINT Group, we focus on evidence-based approaches, peer-reviewed research, and consensus-based standards and guidelines. Our goal is to refine and implement proven solutions that actually make for safer communities - independent of political rhetoric or entrenched biases. We will work hard with your agency to integrate crime prevention strategies that will support and strengthed the health, diversity, and identity of your community - not constrain it.

For useful references and resources for your organization's crime prevention program click here.