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Post Orders

Armed officer making notes.

A person tasked with keeping a specific location safe - whether they are private security or a law enforcement officer - needs clear post orders. Those post orders should be integrated with a written Security Plan, and based upon a current Security Vulnerability Assessment. As the ASIS International Protection of Assets Manual notes, "Post orders are the most important written instructions for the security force.”

As with everything we do at the Human Intelligence Group, our approach to creating effective post orders is evidence-based, and rooted in peer-reviewed research, consensus-based standards and guidelines, and decades of experience with keeping people safe.

Our agents are available to apply this approach to review of your existing post orders, or to assist you with creating new post orders from scratch. Our goals are to:

  • maximize the impact of your officers' deployment;
  • create a framework that supports ongoing training; and,
  • establish clear mechanisms for effective supervision and accountability.

We accomplish this by starting with the end in sight. As experienced supervisors and instructors, our agents know the kinds of resources needed to support an active program of training and supervision, and that expertise is reflected in our work. As a result, we can help organizations create post orders that not only itemize tasks and responsibilities, but which also serve as foundational documents for the full scope of an organization's security program.