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Useful Resources and Professional Organizations

A close-up shot of a campus emergency phone.


Law Enforcement Resources (DHS)

Military Power Reports (DIA)  

Avoid Identity Theft (FTC)

Crime Prevention Resources (NCPC)

National Threat Assessment Center Reference Library (USSS)

School Safety (DoE)

School and Workplace Violence Prevention (DHS)

School Safety (NCPC)

Safe and Sound at School (JTIC)

Safe Schools for Alex - Resources
Safe Schools for Alex - Dashboard

K-12 School Security Guide (CISA)

Community Violence Prevention (DHS)

Ready.Gov (FEMA)

"Plan & Prepare" (FEMA)
- Emergency Preparedness Resources for Businesses (FEMA)
- Classroom Preparedness Checklist (FEMA)
Basic Disaster Supplies Kit
- Household Emergency Supplies Checklist (FEMA)
Zombie Preparedness (CDC)

Suspicious Mail and Packages (DHS)

Workplace Violence Prevention (OSHA)

Active Shooter Links (DSAC)

Active Shooter Preparedness (DHS)

Active Shooter Resources (FBI)

International Travel Warnings (State Department)
Tips for Traveling Abroad

Community Oriented Policing Services - COPS (DOJ)
Dispatch Newsletter

"Check First" (Safety Kids)

Indicators of School Crime and Safety (NCES)

Indicators of School Crime and Safety (BJS)

Power and Control Wheel (NCDSV)

Risk Assessment Guideline for Elements of Violence (Rage-V) (ATAP)

Counter-Terrorism Resources (BJA)


Professional Organizations

 National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC)

 International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners (ISCPP)

 Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP)

 ASIS International (ASIS)

 National Neighborhood Watch Institute

 International CPTED Association

 National Sheriffs' Association

 American Crime Prevention Institute (ACPI)

 National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO)