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Information for Healthcare Providers

Group of smiling physicians.

The unique challenges of twenty-first century medicine mean that healthcare providers in the United States face an elevated risk for violent crime beyond that of the general population. In addition, the demanding schedules and nature of healthcare work mean than hospitals and outpatient clinics rarely have the time to devote to adequately assessing and addressing that risk.

At the Human Intelligence Group we understand the challenges faced by healthcare workers, and we have proven systems in place to integrate security practices with the positive, proactive mission of hospitals, clinics, and other medical environments. We value the expertise of physicians, nurses, and other staff, and we know how to offer our own expertise in ways that speak their language - while also minimizing the impact on their limited time.

In particular, we offer training and services - tailored specifically to healthcare settings - in the following areas:

If you are looking for related training or services not specifically outlined above, please contact us to discuss what additional options we might have available.