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Information for Educators

Students sitting in a circle with two teachers.

The Human Intelligence Group has a long history of working with K-12 and post-secondary schools and systems. Many of our instructors are also adjunct faculty at colleges within their respective geographic regions, and - as a training agency - we are fully committed to the importance of education.

We are also committed to using evidence-based, peer-reviewed solutions which focus on reducing the root factors that lead to crime and violence. This means that when we come into a classroom or a faculty meeting, we are not there to yell at people, scare them, or to rely on consistently-disproved theories of retribution and punishment.

Instead, our goal is to integrate thoughtful approaches to safety and community building into the larger educational mission of the schools where we partner. Properly presented and implemented, the best approaches to crime prevention are educational in nature, and our approach reflects that inherent connection.

For more information, the following pages on this site may be of particular interest for educators:

If your educational institution is interested in a related program not listed above, please contact us to discuss what additional options we might have available.