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Assessment & Analysis

Two people reviewing graphs and charts.

Information is easy to come by. Reliable, useful information is less so; but, if an organization has good intelligence-gathering capabilities they will quickly find that they have more data than they can interpret in meaningful ways. Agents from the Human Intelligence Group are specialists at synthesizing complex information in ways that can be easily understood by multiple constituencies. Whether you need detailed reports with carefully researched historical context, or quick summaries with clear graphs and concise sidebars - the Human Intelligence Group has the training and experience to translate all of the information you have acquired into usable intelligence.

Our contribution to your investigative and intelligence gathering needs does not stop with helping you acquire information from HUMINT sources. We can help you with content analysis and reporting from individual sources (which we often identify as "vertical analysis") as well as with "horizontal analysis" where we synthesize and analyze information from multiple sources. We can also assist with Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) collection and analysis.

Our methods of reporting are as variable as your needs and the types of sources for human intelligence. One we determine your requirements, we will develop templates that match your specific goals. Your organization can use these templates in-house, or continue to contract with the Human Intelligence Group to provide continually-updated analyses which match future changes to your priorities.

In addition, several of our agents have specialized training in threat assessment, the process of applying current research on potential indicators of violence to assess risk and develop intervention strategies. We are available to provide training to law enforcement agencies and private or public-sector civilians, as well as to serve as members of threat assessment/management teams, and as consulting or testifying experts.

For more comprehensive approach to potential threats, we are also available for Security Vulnerability Assessments (SVA's) and Enterprise Security Risk Managament (ESRM).