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Expert Witness Testimony

Witness stand in a full courtoom.

Expert witness testimony is intended to help the trier of fact by offering expertise that is not readily available to a layperson. It is important that a consulting or testifying expert provide impartial testimony based on peer-reviewed research, and that they do so in a manner that assists the trier of fact in understanding the available evidence.

Everything we do at the Human Intelligence Group is based on consensus-based standards and guidelines, evidence-based practice, and peer-reviewed research. As a consequence, our work naturally translates to casefile review and expert testimony. In addition, our Analyst Team has thousands of hours of experience applying document exploitation approaches to extraordinarily complex casefiles, including those with thousands of pages of evidence and dozens of hours of testimony.

Our experts are available for criminal and civil cases, as well as for congressional or legislative testimony. We can provide board-certified experts in areas including:

For assistance with expert testimony in these, or related areas, please contact us by phone or e-mail.