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Training - Workplace Violence Prevention

Human Ingelligence Group instructors providing workplace violence prevention training.

Our expertise in workplace violence prevention is a natural outgrowth of our expertise in threat assessment and crime prevention. Over the years we have put together a number of programs designed to meet the specific needs of workers in a variety of setting. Our instructors are available to provide training to leadership, or directly to staff, in:

  • Creating Effective WPVP Policies and Procedures
  • Implementing a Successful Threat Assessment Program
  • Active Shooter Prevention and Response
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Crisis Response
  • Conducting Lockdown, Evacuation, and Shelter-in-Place Drills
  • Recognizing Potential Indicators of Violence
  • Personal Safety and Crime Prevention

As with all of our training, the Human Intelligence Group is committed to providing workplace violence prevention training that is evidence-based, and built on current, peer-reviewed research and consensus-based standards and guidelines. For more information, please contact us.