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Target Hardening

A row of security turnstiles.

Our goal as intelligence professionals is to detect and deter crime or violence before it occurs. We recognize, however, that the best approach is always a layered one, and that physical security measures supplement the efficacy threat assessment and crime prevention programs.

Consequently, we have a number of agents who are board-certified in physical security and are available to provide comprehensive reviews of the physical security posture in a wide range of settings, including:

  • K-12 Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Government Buildings
  • Data Centers
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial Locations and Warehouses
  • Retail Establishments

As with all of our work, the recommendations of our agents are based on current, peer-reviewed research and consensus-based standards and guidelines. We do not recommend products by specific manufacturers, but rather advise recording the necessary functionality of particular target-hardening measures. Our reviews can include recommendations regarding:

  • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Access Control
  • Fencing, Barriers, and Gates
  • Lighting
  • Mechanical Surveillance
  • Biometrics
  • Hardware and Software Integration
  • Policies and Procedures

All of these recommendations are intended to be used in conjunction with a current Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) and a written Security Plan.