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Training - Threat Assessment

Officer looking at mugshots on a computer screen.

"Threat Assessment" is a term of art for the formal analysis and management of the potential threat of violence posed by one individual toward another person or group of people. It can be applied to workplace violence threats, including those in educational settings, as well as stalking, domestic violence, and executive/celebrity protection.

Threat assessment is an area of special expertise for the Human Intelligence Group, and we offer a wide range of training for leaders and executives, law enforcement officers, and threat assessment teams. That training includes:

  • Instruments for Threat Assessment
  • Potential Indicators of Violence
  • Pathways to Violence and Threat Classification
  • The Threat Assessment Process
  • Ongoing Threat Management Team Training
  • Case Studies and Roundtables
  • Violent Extremism and Domestic Terror Threats
  • Leakage, Social Media, and Threat Identification
  • Threat Management Strategies and Risk Categories
  • Targeted Strategies for Threat Assessment in Law Enforcement

As with all of our training, the Human Intelligence Group is committed to providing threat assessment training that is evidence-based, and built on current, peer-reviewed research and consensus-based standards and guidelines. For more information, please contact us.