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Counter-Terrorism - Classroom & Tactical Training

Stylized image of a soldier pointing to various icons related to counter-terrorism, including cash, social media, and drones.

"Counter-terrorism" is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of threats, as well as diverse methodologies for responding to those threats. We offer courses in a number of strategic and tactical training areas designed to support public, private, and military counter-terrorism missions. Those courses include:

  • Threat Assessment Practice
  • Applying Threat Assessment Instruments
  • Threat Management Team - Creation and Oversight
  • Active Assailant / Active Shooter Prevention
  • Active Assailant / Active Shooter Response
  • Evacuation and Lockdown Drills
  • Open-Source Intelligence Collection and Analysis
  • Advanced Pistol / Patrol Rifle Tactics
  • Recognizing and Understanding Violent Extremism
  • Creating Interdisciplinary Counter-Terrorism Teams
  • Gang Activity and International Terror
  • Politically-Motivated Violence and Threat Recognition

As with all of our training, the Human Intelligence Group is committed to providing counter-terrorism training that is evidence-based, and built on current, peer-reviewed research and consensus-based standards and guidelines. For more information, please contact us.