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Human Intelligence Group instructor providing training to an attentive group.

Our area of special expertise at the Human Intelligence Group is training - in the classroom, in the field, and on the range.

As our name implies, we are industry-leading experts in interviews, interrogation, threat assessment, and content analysis - but our expertise does not stop there. We can provide certified instructors in a wide range of topics ranging from verbal de-escalation and crisis intervention to advanced firearms training and range certification.

We can tailor our training curricula to support traditional investigative and intelligence missions, or to meet the needs of educational or corporate settings where many of these same skills - interviewing, data analysis, conflict resolution - can be effectively applied to a number of scenarios. In addition, our instructors can come to you - combining our expertise with real-world training in the settings where your personnel will be applying the skills we will help them develop.

Our instructors come from varied backgrounds, and are comfortable working in an equally diverse range of discourse communities. As a result, they might be on a college campus one evening teaching a personal safety class in a dorm, in a corporate warehouse the next day teaching about workplace violence prevention, and at a police academy the following day teaching active shooter response.

Some of our most popular areas of instruction include:

If you are a law enforcement agency looking for instructors to equip your officers or agents with cutting-edge techniques, a college or school planning to train your faculty and students in ways to create a safer campus, or a private corporation concerned about workplace violence prevention or other crime prevention techniques - we have the instructors who can provide the highest level of training in innovative and engaging ways.