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Policies & Procedures

Woman holding a stack of notebooks labelled: Standard, Guideline, Regulation, Compliance, and Law.

Often people are surprised that, when they contact us to ask about training, we first ask to review their policies and procedures. Effective training has to be conducted in accordance with written policies and procedures, otherwise - lacking that anchor - it rarely "sticks."

Whether you're a school system, a hospital, a university, or a private enterprise, we have the expertise to create, or update, your policies and procedures around:

We take an evidence-based approach that relies on peer-reviewed research, nationally and internationally recognized standards and guidelines, and decades of practical experience. That experience comes not only from consulting to help things go right, but being called upon as experts when things have not.

Our goal is to help you create viable, flexible policies and procedures that, once they are in place, not only make your organization safer, but also ensure that the time and resources you spend on safety are applied as efficiently as possible.